At Tempus we have a very simple philosophy: in order to make great British charcuterie, you start with great pigs. 


Tom Whitaker and Dhruv Baker have been making charcuterie since 2014 and what they have come to understand is that there are certain fundamentals that are absolute. Whilst many producers champion certain breeds and while breed can play a role, what we we understand at Tempus is that size, age and lifestyle are the driving factors behind great charcuterie. 

Our procurement manager works exclusively with a group of specialised and passionate farmers to deliver consistently excellent pigs. We buy solely ex breeding sows and ex-dairy cattle and insist on pigs that weigh-in at between 160kg and 180kg, with the physiology of the sows at this weight being perfect for charcuterie.

All of our pigs come from RSPCA approved and outdoor reared farms, which, in the case of our sows really means outdoor, as they live outside for their whole life.  

Not only do these amazing animals deliver excellence in charcuterie, but are also a key part of our commitment to utilising the food chain properly. Old is amazing and we are proud to represent these fantastic British animals 



Our Products

To make great charcuterie, not only do you need the right breed, but also the right size of animal. Our partnerships with our farmers allows us the opportunity to take our animals to the size and age to deliver the best product.


At Tempus we know old is good – whether it is the 15-year old dairy cows we use for our cured beef or the ex-breeding sows for our hams, we treat every animal with reverence.


We are proud to practise whole animal butchery at Tempus: this means that we use every part of the animal to make our products and we have designed our product range based on that ethos.



Our processes and products are curated to bring out the best in every cut of the animal, whether it's a cold smoked King Peter ham or the humble jowl - each element is important and out of respect to our animals, we give each piece of meat the time and respect it deserves.



Our process of spicing, curing and aging is specific to each cut, but is always about accentuating the flavour qualities of the animal. We believe this delivers outstanding charcuterie.



We produce only two salamis at Tempus, both of which are stuffed and hand-tied in natural casings. We ferment them for 48hrs, which allows the natural moulds to colonise our salami and the flavour and colour to develop. They are then aged in our purpose built ageing room before they are sent out



Achari Spiced Salami


The spice mix for this salami is based on an Indian recipe for pickling going back hundreds of years.  This is combined with traditional methods for fermenting, and ageing which come together to create a genuinely unique, contemporary product. A delicate blend including fennel seed, Talicherry black pepper, and fenugreek give this salami a complex yet subtle flavour.



House Salami


This is the simplest version of our entire product range and one, which highlights beautifully the flavour of our pigs. This salami is flavoured solely with black pepper, is fermented for 2-3 days and then aged for 2-3 months.  It is made very much in the French style of a saucisson sec while displaying our unique touch.

Whole Muscles

The term 'whole muscle' refers to the curing of meat as an intact piece. At Tempus we buy whole pigs from our farmers and we know that we have to utilise every part of the animal as part of our commitment to whole animal butchery. 



King Peter Ham


This is a recipe that Tom developed in memory of his late father, Peter, who adored air-dried hams of all styles. Tom has taken elements from many of these hams to create a genuinely unique product that shows off the attributes of the pork while enhancing it with a blend of black pepper, juniper and gentle chestnut wood smoke. Sweet and nutty with a hint of smoke, resulting in an incredible depth of flavour.



Spiced Coppa


The coppa, or pork collar, is a cut synonymous with charcuterie the world over. Characterised by its golden ratio of lean muscle to fat (around 70:30) it has a deep, rich flavour and a wonderful texture. We add to this incredible cut a delicate blend of carefully sourced whole spices that we grind and blend in-house, including cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. 



Smoked Coppa


As with the spiced coppa, we feel this cut needs little added as it is already so good, but a hint of smoke alongside the natural sweetness gives us a truly great product. Cured and aged in the same way as the spiced coppa, we have replaced the spice with smoke, giving a completely different product and flavour profile.



Spiced Loin


We butcher our loins in a slightly different way than some and leave a generous fat cap on – a genuine embodiment of ‘fat means flavour’.  As a more delicate cut of pork, the spices selected are less robust than for some of the other products. We use a mixture including mace, star anise and black pepper. The fat adds a buttery texture and profile that stays with you and develops with each additional slice.



Jowl (Guanciale)


This is for real charcuterie lovers and purists: guanciale is the jowl with the cheek muscle removed, which is cured and spiced with fennel and coriander seed before being smoked and then aged.  Traditionally the product used in carbonara, we feel this is a product that needs to be on any charcuterie platter as it delivers the greatest amount of pork flavour.





We're extremely proud that our products are stocked in some of the world's finest food purveyors and delicatessens – below you'll find a list of our clients and where you can currently find Tempus products.


If you'd like to see Tempus charcuterie stocked in your area, or think you might have an opportunity for us, do get in touch...


Andreas of Chelsea Green – UK home delivery

Sacla - UK home delivery


67 Pall Mall

Copper and Ink, Greenwich

Fortnum & Mason



Cannon & Cannon

Dugard & Daughters, Earlsfield

Heritage Cheese Co

Moxons Fish

Panzers Deli, St John's Wood

Pasta Evangelists

Andreas of Chelsea Green

La Fromagerie

Bayley & Sage

Black Radish, Wimbledon

Sourced Markets

Buchanans, Mayfair

The Garrick Club

Hamish Johnston, Clapham

Helen Darroze at the Connaught

HICCE, Kings Cross

Oxford and Cambridge Club, Pall Mall

Jose Pizarro at the Swan, Esher

Manicomio Group


The Lime Tree, Thames Ditton

Well Kneaded Pizza, Earlsfield


Ruby & White, Bristol

Partisan Cheese, Guildford

Harvey Brockless

Beckford Bottle Shop, Bath

Cambridge Cheese Company

Compton McCrae, Dorset

Covino, Manchester

Fuggles Beer Cafe, Kent

The Gog Farm Shop, Cambridge

Pride & Provenance, Halifax

The At Home Deli, Cobham

The Godalming Food Company

The Great British Charcuterie Company, Brighton

The Newt in Somerset

Partisan Cheese Company, Guilford

Pitch, Worthing

Robert & Edwards Butchers, Reigate

The Butcher & Deli, Rustington

American Airlines

The Tisbury Deli, Bath

The Vineking Tasting Rooms, Reigate


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2nd August, 2018

Tempus Charcuterie  wins Best Producer at British Charcuterie live!

Having only been producing for 6 months we are hugely proud to say that along with winning a host of individual awards we were named Best Producer 2018

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Watch this space for updates on our new charcuterie school. Dhruv and Tom will be hosting a range of in depth courses showing you how to make amazing charcuterie

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