Cut: back fat from the loin from of the pig

Technique: cur from above the loin from the saddle of pork. Cured for 6 months in darkness
Origin: UK, Suffolk
Tasting Notes: clean and elegant, the lardo is rich and melts in the mouth leaving a background profile of black pepper, coriander and bay

Animal: pig

Allergens: none


A refined pure piece of back fat from pigs weighing over 160kg, cured and kept in darkness for minimum 6 months


The lardo is a true chef’s ingredient. The technique originates Colonnata in Italy where back fats from huge pigs were cured and left in marble coffins for years. At Tempus we use the same principles with our big sows and our own flavor profile to deliver a true aficionado’s cut. Amazing as part of a dish or simply melted over bread on a plate.

Lardo (75g)

  • Pork back fat, salt, black pepper, coriander, bay leaf, sodium nitrite

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