Cut: collar from shoulder of pig

Technique: boned out shoulder of pork. Cured for 1.5 weeks, and then cased in a beef bung and aged for a minimum of 3 months
Origin: UK
Tasting Notes: Sweet, nutty, deeply coloured with a gentle aftertaste of chestnut smoke

Animal: pig

Allergens: none


As with the spiced coppa we feel this cut needs little added as it is already so good, but a hint of smoke alongside the natural sweetness gives us a truly great product.  Cured and aged in the same way as the spiced coppa, we have replaced the spice with smoke giving a completely different product and flavour profile.

Chestnut Smoked Coppa (75g)

  • INGREDIENTS: Pork, Salt, Black Pepper, Red Wine, NaNo2

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